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Folder of Paperwork Relating to Maria Anna Wawra, an Austrian National who Emigrated to the UK after WW2 and Married, Becoming Maria Curtis. Maria Anna Wawra was born in Eibesthal, Austria 20/07/1913 and travelled to the UK in 1946 to marry.

Items include two British passports expiring 1962 and 1982 both with European stamps and Foreign Exchange entries; National ID card from 1946; Austrian Heimat-Schein dated 31/01/1931; a replacement birth certificate date 24/11/1938;

A particularly well completed 2nd pattern Arbeitsbuch showing Maria working at various cabaret bars and clubs as a dancer from 1939 to 1942, travelling to Hamburg, Vienna, Freiburg, Augsburg, Nuremberg, Prague, Stralsund etc. Most likely performing for the armed forces as you’d need a special permit to travel to and work in Prague and she was travelling between 3 countries for several years! (Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia) Some famous/Well known bars and clubs. She no doubt would have performed in front of SS too, particularly in Prague. It would be really interesting researching all the establishments.

Then she suddenly stops dancing and starts working in Vienna in car factories in 1943.

Betreuungskarte für Fliegergeschädigte dated 20/02/1945 after being made homeless by an air raid the previous day; Funhrungzeugnis dated 15/04/1946 which states it provides no information on the subject’s affiliation with the NSDAP; her Ausweis and a certificate marked ‘journey – Foreign Office Scheme Q’ for travel between Austria and England to marry Cyril Curtis late 1946; an assortment of paperwork, letters and a small selection of photos; Maria settled in Dover. An interesting set of social ephemera and when the price of each item is considered it’s easy to see that this is a great price.

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