Neue Wilhelmstrasse Enamel Sign From Berlin. Reichs Chancellery


Meausres 90cm x 16.5cm

This is a very reluctant sale. This was found in the late 1980’s by one of my best friends brothers during building work in the vacinity of where the Reichs Chancellery building was during the war.

It would be improper to say is was FROM the RK but I guatantee it was found in thr vacinity of it in the 1980’s.

Wilhemstrasse was in fact called Neue Wilhelmstrasse until 1954 when it was dropped as it didnt fit in with the new communist governement. Being only 9 years after the war East Berlin was still a ruin and nobody would have manufactured and installed this sign between 1945 and 1954 so we can date it WW2 or earlier.

Whilst it cant be guaranteed as being off thr RK it can now be said that this was up on this very important street during the war and was witness of everything to unfold!

Only after German reunification in the 1990’s was the street renamed and Neue was dropped being called simply Wilhelmstrasse for the first time since the 1800’s. Whilst it appeared as “Wilhemstrasse” on adresses from the street during the war its official name was Neue. All this informatiom of the history of the name of the street is availible online. Most of the detailed sites are in German.

Guaranteed 100% pre 1945 and from Berlin.

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