EXCEPTIONALLY RARE Thuringia Silver Gau Eagle Of The NSDAP Silberner Gauadler des Gaues Thüringen – Now Sold – Archive Only


One of the rarest badges of the Third Reich. So much so most people dont even know they exist.

Modelled after, but not to be confused with the Erfurt Treffen badge the NSDAP Silberner Gauadler des Gaues Thüringen waa issued to only the earliest nazis in the Gau of Thuringia.

This badge is 100% Original and made from 800 silver, marked as such. Has the correct tooling marks. Numbered 497 it was issued to Otto Amthor from Wiegleben. His NSDAP number was 72312 so he was a NSDAP Gold Party Badge holder. No further reasearch has been done but as the name is known its fairly safe to assume his party file would be availible from one of the Gold Party Badge researchers.

In summary a 100% original, extremely rare badge backed up by our 14 days inspection period. This has been posted on WAF.

This is a vert reluctant sale as I collect NSDAP.

Only one other availible for sale in the world at the time of listing which is a much higher numbered badge which is numbered over 1000 so possibly never attributable which is priced in excess of $3000!

48mm x 41mm

Postage cost on this item reflects tracking and insurance.


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